Friday, September 21, 2012

Piffy the bell ringer on The Late Show 1 - ABC

As a young teen my favourite show on TV was by far the Late Show by the D Generation. I could not wait for Saturday nights to get a great laugh. I missed the first 10 episodes of the show, but after I saw one I was hooked, it was almost all I could quote for ages (ok there was a mix of Red Dwarf and Black Adder thrown in) but the humour was Australian and generally smart, there wasn't a lot of that in Oz at that time. One thing that stood out was Piffy, he was 14 when he was on Pot Luck, roughly the same age I was when it was on, and I thought Bloody hell that kids brave dressing up like that, but still a good laugh! Good on him!

Piffy the bell ringer on The Late Show 1

I love this DVD collection, but I do wish you could get every single episode, as I never got to see the first 10 episodes of series 1: Here's the best bits of the Late Show:

Tomorrow more Piffy!
For more about the Late Show
The Late Show - Wikipedia. It was a great show and the cast went on to create some great Movies and other TV shows.

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