Friday, December 4, 2009

The Chaser's War on Everything - Michael Jackson/Ben Lee Song (Including Lyrics)

The very talented Andrew Hansen on Australia's 'The Chaser's War on Everything' performing another comic song. This time, the song was aired just after the death of Michael Jackson, and in typical Chaser style, manages to offend a few people - not least Ben Lee fans.

Here's the lyrics so you can sing along!

We've lost Jimmy Hendrix, we lost Elvis too
There's no more Big Bopper and Tupac shot through
And now the great Michael Jackson's been taken from me
But I don't understand lord, why don't you take Ben Lee?

Janice Joplin has gone and poor Kurt Cobain
We farewelled Slim Dusty, although that caused us less pain
But when we lose a great genious like Freddy Mercury
Why do we still have lord, that annoying Ben Lee?

When Ben Lee's on tour in old Memphis town
Could he not take a swim like Jeff Buckley and drown?
and when he's in a hotel room alone for a while
Why can't he have a wank, Michael Hutchence style?

Buddy Holly in a plane crash was a victim of chance
I wish instead of Qantas Ben Lee flew Air France
I don't need a smug tosser rubbing poitics in my face
I get enough of that just by watching the Chaser

I thought 'The Rage in Placid Lake' would end his career
I wish Claire Danes had dumped him with a knife in the ear
Now it's song after song and I've become less forgiving
We all catch his disease, but he goes on living

So lord please now spare us from our Ben Lee hell
and lord when you take him - could you take Guy Sebastian as well?

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