Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wil Anderson - Wilosophy

Here's the second in my series of Edinburgh Fringe reviews.

Wil Anderson - Wilosophy

Wil Anderson is a tour de force. He has energy and passion as soon as he steps out on stage in his trademark thongs (that‘s flip-flops, if you‘re British!). This year, the Australian comedian and TV presenter (on shows such as ’The Gruen Transfer’, a fascinating and funny look at the advertising industry) has chosen to tell us about a few of his philosophies of life. I must admit, I have never nodded so often in agreement with what a comedian has had to say during a show. The madness of creationism, the inability of parents to take responsibility for children’s obesity, and racism that masquerades as nationalism, are some of the topics covered. This makes him sound like a soapbox though, which he’s not. Even when expressing strong opinions, he always acknowledges other people’s points of view, even if it is with a wink and a smile.
His humour is direct, some would say confronting, but always, it seems, honest. And I think honesty is the best basis for stand up comedy, as personal experience and conviction give the gags a certain edge that carries the crowd along. The laughs come thick and fast, as Anderson taps into not only our day to day experiences, but also world news, with expertise.
Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of Aussies in the crowd, as he is a very well known face over there. I think that those in Edinburgh this month should go and see this impassioned comedy coming out of Australia, as it’s always interesting and funny to get an outsider’s point of view of you own country, while at the same time getting a first hand perspective on their’s. So give it a go. This is an hour of stand up that gets personal, and benefits from it.

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