Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wes Borg - internet helpdesk

Wes Borg - internet helpdesk comedy sketch.

I've recently moved to BT (british telecom) for broadband and sadly I've had to ring them a few times, they rang told me my modem would be here on the 16th, then on the 17th I got a letter saying it'd be there on the 19th... didn't arrive.

I rang the helpdesk, they had less information than I did!

After 4 hours of following their instruction manual, didn't work, then setup the way my old modem was, 10 minutes later internet! I wished I'd tried that first. I understand why people have to ring support, it maybe a ploy by BT as it's a pay per minute phone number!!!

I worked at a support desk in Australia, I got one call from a temp employee that was helping out with a giant scan and print operation.

user: "the scanner doesn't work"
me: "ok can you check the screen to see if there are any errors?"
user: "screen won't come on either"
me: "ok can you please check the power point under the desk to see if a plug's been knocked out"
user: "I can't see under the table, I'll get a torch, there's been a black out"
me: "um, ok, when the power comes back on, if you have any more problems let me know"

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