Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bill Bailey - Texting Song

Bill Bailey shows what he thinks of the bland lyrics of modern songs. I really hate predictive text, do you?

Bill Bailey text song lyrics:
I texted you on a monday
But you did not get my text till Tuesday
Because of a network problem

I texted you on a Wednesday
But did not know that you'd called
Because your SIM Card was not correctly Installed

Oh,no no no

You texted me on a Thursday
To say that you would meet me at the Shopping Centre
And i texted you back and said
"Where should i meet you?"
And you said Dixons
But i did not know which Dixons you meant
Was it the one inside the door
Or was it the one further up by Currys
...These are my worries

You texted me on a Monday
To tell me it was over
But i did not understand
Because you used Predictive Text

And it was
Jrrg gruuh nnmmg guu hmmg doo doo doo

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